VA - (2001) Lost Deep Soul Treasures Vol 1

This series commences to provide a well-needed service to fans of '60s soul: provide rare tracks by well-known artists alongside the work of lesser of unknown performers of equal quality. Here you get Otis Clay's extremely rare "You Hurt for the Last Time" (previously only available as the B-side of "Baby Jane") and Sam Dees' wonder "It's All Wrong (It's All Right)." But in addition are Willy McDougal's steamy wailer "I Can't Wait," Eddie Billups' heartbreakingly raw "No Love Have I," and Bobby Parker's pumped-up plead-fest "Don't Drive My Love Away." And that's just the beginning. In all there are 25 tracks here, and no lapse in quality. From the well known to the obscure, this is raw soul, lovemaking soul, tear-my-heart-out-a-piece-at-a-time soul. Where the South was cranking out the Stax/Volt side and Atlantic had a virtual factory of hitmakers, there were many of these cats and kittens who were making records for no other reason than to get them on the juke at the corner bar or perhaps in a neighboring county so they could get a gig or a radio appearance to perform their tracks before disappearing into the oblivion of day jobs forever. For a few years at least, these folks and their art get to live again on compilations like this one that rescue those treasures, package them well with reasonable liner notes, and place them out there for the fanatics, the curious, and the lovelorn to seek out the only kind of music that came from the spiritual human body: soul. And this is deep soul at that. 

01. Sam Dees - It's All Wrong (It's All Right) 02. Nelson Sanders - Tired of Being Your Fool 03. Clay Hammond - No One Else Would Do 04. Dicky Williams - Oh Dreamy Me 05. James K-Nine - Counting Teardrops 06. Willie Small - Say You Will 07. Bobby Thomas & the Afros - Darling Don't Come Back 08. Winfield Parker - Oh My Love 09. Betty Bibbs - First Come First Served 10. Valentine Adams - I Found a Love (The Falcons) 11. Lee Mitchell - Where Does Love Go 12. New Bloods - Found a Love, Where It's at (Eddie & Ernie) 13. Don Hollinger - I Had a Nightmare 14. Eddie Billups - No Love Have I 15. Otis Clay - You Hurt Me for the Last Time 16. Ronnie Mitchell - I Don't Want to Go On Without You 17. Billy Young - Still My Life Through 18. Bobby Parker - Don't Drive Me Away 19. Jimmy Garland - Baby One More Time 20. Gene Allison - If I Ever Needed Your Love 21. Willie McDougal - I Can't Wait 22. Curtis Blandon - Young, Dumb 23. Tommy Collins - Oh What I'd Give 24. Bell Brothers - Throw Away the Key 25. Lee Moses - I'm Sad About It

VA - (2001) Lost Deep Soul Treasures Vol 2

Can anybody say "pirate recording?" The four volumes in this series sure look like pirates. If they're not, then the producers -- who are all uncredited -- are extremely lazy because other than title and artist, there is no information available about what the contents are, where they originally came from, when they were issued, etc. Not even songwriter's credits are listed. What do you think? In any case, despite the fact that the original artists and their families are being ripped off yet again, no one can argue with the track selections, as this music is truly lost in the archive of popular music history. All of the 24 tracks here come from the Southern soul tradition. With early tracks by Jarvis Jackson ("Danger"), Bobby Womack ("I Wonder"), Syl Johnson ("The Love I Found in You"), Claudia Whitten ("Bring Me All the Love You Got"), and others, this is a startling listening experience if not a complete education. Along with the rare tracks by well-known artists, there are also true gems such as "Just Like a Child" by Little Dooley, with its jolting horn break in the middle eight, Betty Green's amazing "He's Down on Me" with it's deep blues wail and skittering piano and organ duel, and even Willy James' devastatingly anguished "Down on My Knees." In 24 selections, there isn't a weak millisecond of performance. Some of the masters sound a little dodgy, but certainly no worse than a 45 would -- if you could find a 45. And with the music itself so bloody great, the issue of these tracks being virtually stolen makes this a difficult purchase for anyone with a conscience.

01. Marvin L. Sims - Dangers 02. Jarvis Jackson - Something I Never Had
03. Little Dooley - Just Like a Child 04. Bobby Womack - I Wonder 05. Syl Johnson - The Love I Found in You 06. Don Hart & James Shorter - I Shed a Tear 07. Sam Williams - Miracle Worker 08. Sandra Phillips - When Midnight Comes 09. Betty Green - He's Down On Me 10. Sisters Love - Do It Right Now
 11.Moody Scott - Darling Please Don't Take My Love 12. James Chapman - In Memory of Martin Luther King  13. Jeb Stuart - Dreamers Hall of Fame 14. Oscar Perry - I Found a True Love 15. Willie James - Down On My Knees  16. Terry & Tyrants - Weep No More 17. Virgil Griffin - A Forgotten Lover 18. David Robinson - I Care for You 19. Them Two - Am I a Good Man 20. Ray Lewis - Getting Over You 21. Louis Jones - That's Cuz I Love You 22. Billy Mack - I Can't Sleep 23. Claudia Whitten - Bring Me All the Love You Got 24. Little Scotty - Slow That Disco Down

VA - (2014) Psychegaelic French Freakbeat

Between 1966 and 1969, the garage/ psychedelic explosion reached all corners of the world. While many collectors happily digest Indian garage, South American psychedelic pop, and Japanese hard-rock, Britain's neighbor, France, is often relegated to the land of groovy girl singers and jolly pop music while its tougher-edged beat and kaleidoscopic psychedelia from the end of the '60s are overlooked. Psychegaelic compiles a plethora of Pretty Things-esque bad boy R&B, freakbeat, and outright psychedelia that often outshines the British and American acts these young French bands sought to emulate. Features artists such as Le Bain Didonc 4, Les 5 Gentlemen, Les Boots, Los Capitals, Les Bowlers, Les Gaelics, The Five Travellers, Les Somethings, Les Safari, Les Brummel's, Les Gypsys, Les Pollux, Serge Franklin, Benjamin, Jacques Da Sylva, Bruno Leys, Edouard, Perkins, Les Outlaws, Le Fleurs De Pavot, Les Witakers, Nicolas Nils, Patrick Samson, and Les Sunlights.

Yo La Tengo - (2015) Stuff Like That There

Fresh off celebrating their 30th anniversary as one of the most beloved and adventurous bands in rock history, Yo La Tengo announce that they will release Stuff Like That There on August 28th via Matador Records and will embark on a world tour starting September 23rd, 2015 in Troy, NY.
The trio of Ira Kaplan, Georgia Hubley and James McNew now return as a quartet, reuniting with former member Dave Schramm on electric guitar as they revisit the original concept of their beloved Fakebook (a mix of cover songs, “covers” of Yo La Tengo songs, and brand new originals) on its 25th anniversary.  This unprecedented live set-up -- Ira on acoustic guitar, Georgia up-front on a small kit, and James on upright bass -- marks the first occasion of this particular Yo La Tengo incarnation touring together (and since it took them 31 years to get around to doing so, could very well also be the last).