Blade Runner - (1982) Los Angeles - November 2019

Private Release - None
Original music on tracks 3‚ 6‚ 7‚ 10‚ 11 and 12 composed and performed by VANGELIS.
Additional music on tracks 2 and 8 written and performed by Frank Klepacki.
"Harps of the Ancient Temples" on track 9 written and performed by Gail Laughton.
Copyright 2003 Esper Productions Ltd. All rights reserved. Made in the E.U.
This is a special limited edition release and is not licensed for public sale.

"This Esper Productions follow up to last year's impressive EsperEdition discs is a subtle release‚ but a very good one. In short‚ it'san answered prayer for any serious Blade Runner fan. It basicallyintends to transport the listener to the world portrayed in the film. Well‚ it does so admirably. Listening to the first few tracks youcould close your eyes and almost be taking nocturnal stroll down arainy street with spinners whisking overhead and advertisementsemitting from lumbering blimps. The myriad of sound effects such asthe police station sounds‚ Tyrells office with the VK machine buzzingamid ethereal chimes are very well chosen and mixed together. Mypersonal favourite is the signature low‚ swaying hum in "Apartment9732." It goes on for quite some time‚ so putting in on in your ownhome will give you the same atmosphere as in Deckard's apartment!

Music: There is Vangelis music in this release but it plays a secondaryrole. It blends in seamlessly with the rain‚ spinners‚ and other soundeffects. Track four "Downtown"‚ for example‚ has an interestingunidentified Vangelis theme in the background‚ which gives it a greathypnotic feel. The tracks titled Apartment 9732 and Urban Blues mix"Memories of Green" and "Blade Runner Blues" which eventually blends inwith "Reve." (a very nice choice‚ since it compliments the atmospherevery well) Only a few Blade Runner musical tracks are present‚ butthey are all very well chosen and contribute to the disc's rainy‚nocturnal thesis.

The ambiental sound effects are obviously taken from the Blade Runnergame and the film itself (with some other effects added on- Ibelieve).This is done very delicately making the whole release flowseamlessly. Instead of straight listening‚ I believe the disc worksbest when put on as a background effect. It's very ethereal andsoothing almost like a Blade Runner "chillout" disc. It's worthnoting‚ however‚ those expecting a to find conventional (musical) BladeRunner bootleg‚ might be disappointed with this "Los Angeles‚ November2019". But in a market which is already saturated with BR bootlegs‚this is a refreshing and original release. In sum‚ this disc is alabour of love by Blade Runner fans for Blade Runner fans.

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