Blade Runner - The Audio Cut

 Bootleg - None
This is an attempt to create something new and original with Blade Runner, making use of the material made available with the Final Cut release.

Note that this is NOT a music soundtrack. Instead I'd like to think of it as a audio adaptation of the film, like a radio play or audio book. It's all original BR sounds and music but presented in such a way to make it suitable for listening rather than watching. Simply ripping the soundtrack and listen to from start to end just doesn't work very well (IMHO!). A strict audio environment places quite different demands on material originally made for a visual one. No visual points of reference will inevitably make it come across as messy and hard to follow.

This is, to put it simple, BR re-cut for audio with emphasis on the storyline and narrative rather than anything else. To do this I've taken full artistic freedom, tweaking the original in literally hundreds of places. That includes omitting a considerable amount of material and adding quite a bit too. I've made an effort to shorten it considerably, making it a lot easier to handle and listen to. Changing the order of events has been necessary in a few places. Jumping between story lines works very well when you see things. Not so when listening to it. In order to make all pieces fit better the dialogue and narrative has been heavily cut up and altered in many places. You'll understand when you hear it...

It is based on the Final Cut but has elements from all available versions (no bootlegs) of the film plus a lot of Disc 4 material.

The cover was made for use with a single audio DVD.

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