Merzbow - (2000) Merzbox 50xCD

In the year 2000, legendary noise musician Merzbow released the Merzbox, a 50 CD box of his music, spanning about 18 years. The sheer audacity of the set's existence kind of defies all standards we have regarding music. A 50 disc set of...anything is pushing it, but one of a combination of harsh noise, drone and music concrete?
What will be the effect of actually listening to 50 discs of noise? Have more than 1000 people actually listened to the entire thing? How many of said people have mental health problems? What effects will it have on your mood? Will the music cause the deterioration, or is the fact of someone willingly opting to listen to it a symptom in itself. Will the songs even be distinguishable from each other? Will you actually be like, "I really feel like listening to 'Cross Toad' right now", in the same way one might be compelled to listen to Drake's Hotline Bling?
Is Merzbow's music even music? How much variety can noise music really have? Why am I opting for this, instead of easing myself into it? I mean, there are noise elements and general abrasiveness in a lot of my favorite music: Sonic Youth in general, Melt-Banana, Boris have worked with him a fair bit, etc, etc. The only purely harsh noise I've listened to is Kazumoto Endo's album While You Were Here, which I likely a lot, actually, but also made my head hurt after repeated listens. I haven't listened to any of Merzbow's solo work prior to this.
So...why? Maybe because solely for the fact that it's an absurdist, probably Pyrrhic challenge. Through power-lifting, I've learned to get comfortable being uncomfortable. That's the only way to make progress. That discomfort and being out of your comfort zone is a path to growth. And what will listening to this bring? Increased tolerance? A newfound appreciation for harsh buzzing noises? Confirmation that free will is an illusion, because nobody willfully would actually do this? How good of an idea is it to play music from this collection loudly in my car with the windows down? 

- 4otry @RYM

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