Le Lu/ Lu's - (2014) Operating On Specific Cues / Early Works 1982-86 2xLP

 Vinyl-On-Demand ‎– 125

LeLu/Lu's were an early to late 80's electronic/synth-based project based around Deni
(in the early 80's known as Yo-Yo and nowadays known as Timekode). www.timecode.co.uk)
In 1985 they released a fantastic 12 song tape on Unlikely Records (URT91) called "Operating on Specific Cues" which forms the basis of this 25 track 2 LP compilation release.
While the tape is still rather unknown to fans of synth music, the three 7"s released from 1985-87
(on Alain Neffe's Insane Music as well as Possum and R&D Records), with the outstanding tracks "Spaceman Bassman", "Africa" and "Fragile Thing", are better known to the minimal synth/wave community and collectors of 80's wave and minimal synth vinyl.
After Frank of VOD found a 7 song demo tape from 1982 and listened to the beautiful 12 song tape from 1985 he sent a request for a release to Deni.
She checked her archive for more hidden treasures and found several more previously unreleased and superb synth-pop-tunes well worth being released and presented to a bigger audience of listeners and synth enthusiasts.
In an early promo flyer they summarized themselves as follows: "Le Lulu'lu's are Yo-Yo &
Pharaoh connected to a Porta-Studio. They specialize in Image Building, Demolition &
Replacement, Programmability, Danceability, Listenability, Changeability. Computer Controlled
Electronic Entertainment.